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Sao Paulo Underground at the Contemporary Arts Center this Friday, September 14

Trumpeter Rob Mazurek is one of the more restless and adventurous musicians  around these days. He’s part of the Chicago jazz scene, which remains vital even though elsewhere jazz has struggled to remain on the radar. Fortunately, his restlessness includes what I’m assuming is non-stop touring; I’ve caught him a couple times in recent years at the Loft Society, where he performed with Starlicker, a trumpet-vibes-drums trio. Even with such a small ensemble Mazurek favored a dense sound that only got thicker with his much larger Exploding Star Orchestra. Sao Paulo Underground, his combination of jazz, Brazilian tropicalia and electronics, is coming to the Contemporary Arts Center this Friday, September 14 at 8 p.m.  Again Mazurek will feature a dense, multi-layered sound, this time packed with polyrhythms and the rich harmonies of both Brazilian music and jazz.  Released on the Cuneiform label, the new Sao Paulo Underground record Tres Cabecas Locouras came out on vinyl, and a representative for Cuneiform has told me that both vinyl and CD copies of the release will be on hand that evening, so bring a few extra bucks and tote home a brand new record (remember when people though they were going to become extinct?). Here’s a link to a song from a 2006 Sao Paulo Underground release:

And a free download from the new release on Cuneiform Records is available here: