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Annunciation Oktoberfest: Fun For Both Kids and Adults!

The 6th Annual Annunciation Oktoberfest begins Friday, October 12 at 7:00 p.m. and will continue through the weekend. The Annunciation Oktoberfest,  of which Gaslight Property is a co-sponsor, has been a hit from the beginning, and although the focus is on having fun, it’s also helped Annunciation School stay in the black financially, which is no small feat these days for a small private school. That’s good to hear, as Annunciation has been a part of Clifton for 100 years. It also has an unusually diverse student body, with 18 different nationalities represented. When I spoke to Alice Derrick, co-chair of this important Clifton event since the first year, I asked her why Annunciation Oktoberfest is so popular.

“It’s a chance to bring the community together,” she said, “all the different churches, and welcoming the community to Annunciation, which was at one time considered a hidden secret.”

“It brings back the alumni,” she added, “and the people who have graduated bring their children—it’s like a reunion.”

When I asked what was new this year, Alice mentioned a petting zoo and pony buggy rides, which are among the many fun activities for kids. She also informed me that children do more than just attend the festival. “We give our students the opportunity to have their own booth,” she said. “Each classroom has its own booth; it’s exciting for them to participate in something that makes money for the school.”

“We also invite other schools to participate,” she added. “Xavier brought its marching band one year.”

Alice also pointed out the music that will be part of the festival all three days. The Soul Pocket Band plays 8 to midnight Friday, October 12; The Rusty Griswolds are on from 7 pm to 11 pm Saturday; and Retro Vibes will perform 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm Sunday.