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New Hours for Gaslight Gourmet Cookies

It’s been almost three years since Gaslight Gourmet Cookies opened in Clifton, and it was an immediate hit, its baked goods, classic awning, and walk-up window adding that much more charm to the neighborhood. Along with serving walk-in or walk-up fans of cookies, macaroons, and coffee, the store has always had its share of loyal […]

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Thank You, Jerry Gillotti

The memory is still fresh of walking into Gilly’s for the first time. I had never been to a jazz club before, and my sense of excitement quickly combined with…well…desperation, as I was informed by the owner, a short, squat man sitting in the entrance and taking money, that the show was sold out. That […]

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Double Digits

On January 2, 2008, a group of people wearing caps and masks watched someone of similar attire plunge a knife into my neck. But the people gathered around me meant me no harm—in fact, they were trying to do me some good, as I had, it turns out, not one but two cancerous nodules inside […]

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Kamasi Washington at the Taft

Occasionally a jazz musician comes along who draws a crowd in both the jazz community as well as the music world in general. Esperanza Spaulding would be an example of such an artist, connecting with different audiences while retaining her jazz creds. Similar words could be used to describe Kamasi Washington, whose work with such […]

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Funky Fridays with Freekbass is Back on the Air

Funky Fridays with Freekbass is a Cincinnati-based radio program that plays two hours of funk music every Friday from 6 to 8 pm. You can access it in one of two ways: if you live in Northside, you can catch it over the airwaves at 1660 AM; the rest of us can stream it online […]

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The Proud Rooster Keeps Crowing

An old-school mom-and-pop restaurant in the heart of the Gaslight District, the Proud Rooster has been getting a lot of attention lately. It recently topped a list of recommended mom-and-pops on the Only In Your State website. And last week 94.9’s Sandy and Holly “DJ’s and Diners” tour made its first stop at the Proud […]

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Taft’s Brewing Company Opens in Spring Grove Village

Located at 4831 Spring Grove Avenue in Spring Grove Village, Taft’s Brewing Company had absolutely perfect weather for its grand opening last weekend. The event drew a large crowd that including children eager to show their strength at the high striker. The 50,000-square foot space includes a brewery as well as a tap room (“brewporium”) […]

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So Where Do You Buy A Book Around Here?

You may recall certain pundits proclaiming that books were dead – and by “books” we mean the actual three-dimensional objects with a spine and a cover and actual pages as opposed to words that appear on a computer screen. Turns out lots of people – way more than predicted, and not just the old-timey traditionalists […]

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Herzog Music Opens Downtown

Herzog Music opened last weekend in downtown Cincinnati, 811 Race Street to be exact. Walking around the three stories devoted to celebrating Cincinnati’s musical heritage…and providing a bridge to the future, I thought that downtown Cinci just got a little more colorful and music-friendly. Herzog Music is a lot of different things at once, and […]

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Have You Been to It’s Yoga?

This summer It’s Yoga, located at 346 Ludlow Avenue in the Gaslight District, is offering a deal for brand new students to the yoga studio. Their five-class pass for $25 is good for two weeks after purchase. The yoga studio, which is located above Ace Hardware, has been an active yoga studio and yoga teacher training […]

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Guess Who Makes Great Pizza?

Since the beginning, one of the consistent themes of this blog has been this: The Gaslight District is a great place to live because there’s lots to do AND it’s super convenient. Well, it just got a little more convenient. Clifton Market continues to add more and more new features, and now the deli makes […]

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Mediterranean King Has New Owner + Offers Expanded Menu

Mediterranean King has been in Clifton for almost five years now, serving its tasty blend of Authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine at 3307 Clifton Ave. for both dine-in and carry-out. Recently the restaurant came under new ownership. It’s very much a family operation, as the new owners and most of the staff are a […]

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Bruegger’s Is Back In Business

Bruegger’s reopened today, and it’s better than ever, with streamlined service and an even cozier atmosphere (I like the dark walls and soft lighting). A place to grab a quick bite to go or a place to linger for whatever length of time with a laptop or book – or friends. Seems like the Gaslight District just […]

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“An Evening In Paris” This Thursday

This Thursday a free concert will take place at the Burnet Woods Bandstand. The event, titled An Evening In Paris, will be a celebration of  French music. From 6-7:30pm on June 1 the versatile Faux Frenchmen will perform their mix of gypsy jazz and other genres. They’ve been a favorite around Clifton for quite some time, combining their high level […]

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So You Wanna Win A Pulitzer Prize?

On the day our family left Des Moines, Iowa—this happened in August of 1972—my self-image changed completely. Whoever I thought I was before vanished, and the city where I was born and where I lived until we headed upstate also underwent a mental revision. School would start in about a week, and I planned to […]

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The Art of Talking

It’s interesting that one of the most popular places in the Gaslight District is also a bit hidden. Because there are no windows at the Bohemian Hookah Café at 340 Ludlow Avenue, you could forget it’s there—except that, once you walk inside, you quickly realize it’s a go-to place for a hip and diverse crowd. In […]

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Steven Paul Lansky Reading at Chase Public

Steven Paul Lansky will read selections from his novella A Black Bird Fell Out of the Sky at Chase Public on Friday, May 5 at 7:30pm. The novella has just been published, and it marks a fresh new milestone for an author whose other publications include two chapbooks (2002’s Main St. and 2009’s Eleven Word Title for […]

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QCA Records

Spring Grove Avenue is one of those great old Cincinnati streets with so much history that even if you don’t know the story behind the buildings, as you’re driving along you know that every warehouse and factory stores countless tales tracing back to the days when they were packed with workers and the wide, four-lane […]

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Community Yard Sale at Flamingo Haven April 29

On April 29 Flamingo Haven Antique Mall will host a community yard sale on its lawn. Sellers will include some mall dealers bringing new and different things as well as lots and lots of non-dealers who just have stuff they want to sell—so if you’re interested, sign up! It costs ten dollars to do so, and […]

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Clifton Market

Seven Things To Know About Clifton Market: The opening of Clifton Market was highly anticipated, and it has turned out to be better than we imagined. There’s much that’s unique about the store, and after I started this blog entry I started remembering other things (Clifton Market can now accept EBT and SNAP benefits, the […]

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Clifton Barbers

Clifton Barbers is officially up and running. As these pictures testify, there’s definitely a neat, old-school, stylish look to the establishment, right down to the classic barber pole that welcomes you as you walk down the street. The address is 337 Ludlow Avenue, the phone number 513-281-3163, and service is walk-in only. Hours are Tuesday thru Friday 10am to 7pm […]

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This Is What A Neighborhood Feels Like

First, the facts: Clifton Market is open now seven days a week, from 7am to midnight. It’s a coop, which means you can buy a share,  an option that still remains now the store is up and running. That said, anyone can shop there. As I walked around, I saw a store where most of the shelves were […]

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The Whole Bowl Opens on Ludlow Avenue

  The Whole Bowl is a restaurant that has seven locations in Portland, Oregon…and until recently, nowhere else. But one just popped up at 364 Ludlow Avenue, for reasons that must trace back to the fact the founder, Tali Ovadia, is originally from Cinci. With a walk-up window, the Whole Bowl is a food cart and therefore […]

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The New Ron Esposito CD Is Called Triad

Ron Esposito is a musician who plays a very old instrument. Singing bowls go back at least as far as the tenth century, and they continue to be used in monasteries and meditation centers. And there’s another place once can hear them nowadays: on television. That’s right, as Esposito’s singing bowl recordings have been played […]

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Pop-Up Shop on Ludlow Avenue This Friday

This Friday, December 2, from 6pm to 9pm the annual Holidays on Ludlow will be celebrated throughout the Ludlow Avenue Business District. Here are some of the highlights: 6pm – UC Bearcat leads DAAP Pop-Up Light Parade 6:15pm – Santa arrives via fire truck at Plaza 6:30pm – Story time with Eric at Clifton Market 6:00-9:00pm […]

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Holidays on Ludlow to Include Pop-Up Store This Year

Friday, December 2, from 6pm to 9pm the annual Holidays on Ludlow will be celebrated throughout the Ludlow Avenue Business District. It’s always a fun night, with highlights including carriage rides and a choir singing Christmas songs. This year the event will include a pop-up shop where the library used to be, at 351 Ludlow […]

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Vote For Josephine!

Josephine is the daughter of some friends of mine who live in Northside and have some Clifton roots. Josephine is 21 months old, and after her mother posted a comment on Facebook encouraging people to vote for Josephine as the cutest kid in the Gerber Photo Search contest I thought, now that’s something I can get behind! […]

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Ludloween Photos

On Halloween night the weather was perfect and children filled Ludlow Avenue, wearing great costumes and big smiles. We have lots of repeats every year, with children coming back over and over because they love coming here. Enjoy!

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“Ludloween” on Monday Night! Starts at 5!

To celebrate Halloween this year, the Clifton Business District will host “Ludloween” on Monday, October 31. Along with spooky decorations, there will be lots of trick-or-treat candy for kids.  Below you’ll see a long list of businesses that are participating – pretty much every store on or near Ludlow Avenue. The festivities are from 5pm to 7pm, which […]

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Dylan Wins A Prize

Word got out today that Robert Zimmerman won a big award, and everyone was talking about it both in cyberspace and real space, and along with the wows and the explanation points there were those who questioned the decision either because they thought Dylan was less than iconic or because lyric writers winning literary awards […]

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University of Cincinnati Alumni Facebook Page

  A total of 6,351 people graduated from the University of Cincinnati in the spring of 2016. That’s a lot of people, and when you consider that was just one year, you realize that you could fill a city with all the people who have graduated from UC. Given those numbers, you would assume that […]

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Petey’s Pet Stop Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary

Gaslight Property has made no secret of its enthusiasm for Petey’s Pet Stop since it opened a year ago. Everything about Petey’s suggested a perfect fit from the start: it’s next door to the Howell Avenue Pet Hospital (talk about convenience!), it’s located in the same building as Gaslight Property, the managers of the store both love […]

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Flamingo Haven Sale This Weekend

Have you been to Flamingo Haven yet? It’s the new antique mall located at 4530 W. Mitchell Avenue in Spring Grove Village, so it’s also close to Clifton, Northside, St. Bernard, North Avondale, and other neighborhoods, plus it’s right off I-75. All weekend, from Friday thru Monday, there will be a minimum of 15% off everything in the […]

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A Craft Sale at Clifton Plaza Monday

From 5:30pm to 8:30pm on Monday, August 15 a craft sale will take place at Clifton Plaza. Because that’s on a Monday, the people hosting the event will be in the company of our farmers market friends Niemeyer Farm as well as the flea market vendors who’ve been showing up on a regular basis all spring […]

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Big Fun (or “How I Evaded Security at Drake Stadium and Made Some Cool Friends”)

Watching the Olympics opening ceremony Friday night sparked memories for me of growing up in Des Moines. For track and field enthusiasts the Summer Olympics is the A#1 event for such activities. I was obsessed by all things sports-connected anyway, but having the Drake Relays in Des Moines (and the 48th Annual NCAA Track & […]

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Flamingo Haven is a New Antique Mall in a Great Location

A new antique mall opened recently in a great location. Near the corner of Mitchell and Spring Grove Avenue, Flamingo Haven is really close to Clifton, Northside, Spring Grove Village, and other neighborhoods, plus it’s right off I-75. The address is 4530 W. Mitchell Avenue. If you’re coming from Northside on Spring Grove Avenue, take […]

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Guns N’ Roses Rock the Jungle

When a band you’ve loved for decades finally reunites and tours and is, as the Monkees put it, “coming to your town,” there’s always that fear that they won’t deliver the goods. If thoughts like those were running through the heads of any Guns N’ Roses fans last night, they were soon quashed. This was […]

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MAYA is a New Store in the Heart of Clifton

Clifton just got more colorful and stylish. MAYA opened recently at 323 Ludlow Avenue, and already it feels like a good fit for the neighborhood, with a tasteful, eye-catching window display and a splendid collection of jewelry and crafts inside. The owner of the store, Victor Morales, has been in the business for more than […]

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Gaslight Property A Star Sponsor of the 2016 Northside Rock ‘N’ Roll Carnival

Gaslight Property is proud to be a Star Sponsor of the 2016 Northside Rock ’N’ Roll Carnival, an event that starts today (Friday, July 1) and lasts through July 4. Free for all ages, the carnival includes sword swallowers, jugglers, magicians, a bed of nails, and dozens of bands, all at Hoffner Park. The music […]

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R.I.P. Patrick David

Clifton’s heart was broken this week when Patrick David, a long-term Gaslight Property employee, passed away unexpectedly. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his widow and son. His niece, Melinda Watson, spoke for everyone who knew Patrick when she said, “He was happiest when he was helping other people. I can’t even emphasize how happy […]

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Live Footage of John Bender at the No Response Festival

John Bender performed for the first time in 30 years last night, at the No Response Festival at Woodward Theatre. He made it clear in advance that his performance set to launch the two-day festival would begin promptly at 8pm, and as the people waiting in a line that wrapped around the block saw the line move […]

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Free Movie Night at Clifton Plaza Saturday!

  This Saturday Tootsie, the 1982 movie starring Dustin Hoffman, will be playing for free at the Clifton Plaza. A huge hit in the theaters, Tootsie was nominated for ten Academy Awards, and it remains one of Dustin Hoffman’s major roles…and the only one in which he pretended to be a woman. Tootsie will be […]

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Yappy Hour Starts Next Monday!

Mondays have been hopping lately with the flea market (soon to be joined by a farmer’s market) populating Clifton Plaza as soon as the weather warmed up a little. And there’s going to be more activity as dog lovers celebrate Yappy Hour from 5pm to 7pm every Monday. So take note: the very first Yappy […]

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The Healthy Harvest Mobile Market Visits Clifton Every Tuesday

Were you aware that there’s a new place in Clifton to buy produce, and at discounted prices? That’s right! TriHealth and the Freestore Foodbank worked together to create the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market, a truck of fruits and vegetables are located at Good Samaritan Hospital (near the Dixmyth entrance) from 11AM to 4PM every Tuesday. They […]

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Gaslight Property Wins Uptown Business Award

The last two weeks have been great ones for Gaslight Property. Last week marked the 25th Anniversary of the company, and this week, at Cincinnati Uptown Consortium’s Fifth Annual Business Awards, Gaslight Property won the Award of Excellence for Large Business. In the photo on the left, that’s Dave Taylor, CEO of Gaslight Property, flanked […]

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Ricky Skaggs Performing at Ludlow Garage This Saturday

Ricky Skaggs has headlined music festivals and sold millions of records. This Saturday, May 14, the country and bluegrass musician will be performing to about 160 people at the Ludlow Garage. The person who Chet Atkins credited with single-handedly saving country music and who, after he returned to his bluegrass roots, helped spark a revival […]

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The Friday Special at La Mandi

  In August of last year La Mandi, an authentic New York style deli, opened at 3205 Jefferson Avenue in Clifton. La Mandi was an instant success with modestly-priced deli sandwiches, salads, breakfast items (including omelets), etc. Recently La Mandi broadened its horizons with new dishes and a Friday special. New items available on a […]

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Rummage Sale for a Good Cause This Sunday at Clifton Plaza

This Sunday, May 1, from 1pm–5pm a rummage sale will take place at Clifton Plaza. The event is a fundraiser for CERESAV, a non-governmental organization created in order to fight acid violence, a sadly all-too-common occurrence in the world today. All proceeds from the sale will go to helping acid burn survivors. One of the […]

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Happy Hour at the Ludlow Garage

Live at the Ludlow Garage is now running full steam, with concerts every week from national performers in an intimate setting. As the crowds last night (see below) made clear, the Ludlow Garage is also a great place to eat a modestly-priced meal, have a drink, and experience the ambiance of the street in a unique way […]

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Miles Ahead Comes to The Esquire

The Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead opens at the Esquire Theatre on Friday, April 15. Cincinnati should feel privileged and proud that it’s the backdrop for the film, in large part because it built—and preserved, more than most cities–the classic architecture that has film makers lining up to shoot movies here. And the story should […]

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April Aloisio CD Release Party at Lydia’s on Ludlow This Friday

April Aloisio is hosting a CD release party at Lydia’s on Ludlow this Friday, April 8. Along with singing jazz and Brazilian music, April is a yoga instructor, and on her new record, Yoga Bossa Nova, those two worlds are united. Accompanying her on the record is Fareed Haque, one of the most colorful and creative […]

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Free Tax Service Available in Northside

On the off-chance (wink wink) that there’s anyone reading this blog entry who hasn’t done their taxes yet, I have good news: CAIN (which stands for Churches Active In Northside) is providing free walk-in service to help people file their taxes. Again, it’s FREE. CAIN is located at 4230 Hamilton Avenue, and Ohio Benefit Bank […]

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Gaslight Gourmet Cookies Is Open!

Gaslight Gourmet Cookies, located at 272 Ludlow, officially opened this week. They couldn’t have timed it better, what with the nice weather and lots of new things happening in the Gaslight District, including Live at Ludlow Garage. There were plenty of customers when I visited in the middle of the afternoon today, and I smelled success for […]

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Photos of the Miles Ahead Premier at the Esquire Theatre

Big doings on Ludlow Avenue last night, what with the premier of Miles Ahead, Don Cheadle’s tribute to Miles Davis that is based on a period when his career (and his life in general) were kind of in limbo. Folks were dressed in their finest, as only befits a film devoted to a musician who, […]

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Only Yesterday at The Esquire

The other day I arrived at the Esquire Theatre before the trailers had started for Only Yesterday, a Japanese animated film directed by Isao Takahata. At that point there were only two people in the room, and the person two rows in front of me asked if the movie was overdubbed or used subtitles. “You […]

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Steve Katz Plays the Ludlow Garage on April 9

The next time you’re playing the music edition of Trivial Pursuit, prepare yourself for this question: What member of Blood, Sweat & Tears collaborated with musicians from the Velvet Underground? The answer is Steve Katz, who will be performing at Live at the Ludlow Garage on Saturday, April 9. If you sift through his discography […]

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What Would A Bookstore Bring?

Recently on nextdoorclifton someone posed the question, “What store is missing?” in reference to Ludlow Avenue’s business district. Possibly over a hundred people have responded by now, and while the answers have been all over the place, there were some repeats. I was pleased—and quite surprised—to see how many people exclaim that they would love […]

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The Latest On Ludlow

Now that the weather has warmed up a little, we’re starting to leave our cabins again. If you haven’t made it up to the Ludlow Avenue yet,here are some of the new sites that will greet you as you stroll down the street. First, it looks as if one of the storefronts has officially reached the getting-pretty-close-to-being-open […]

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Esquire Theatre Hosts Live Music Every Wednesday

There’s no need to do suffer from cabin fever this winter, as there’s plenty of live entertainment on Ludlow Avenue. As you may have heard, Live at Ludlow Garage is up and running, already hosting sold-out shows by artists as esteemed as Rickie Lee Jones. Also, Lydia’s on Ludlow has open mics and featured readings […]

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Never Mind the Bollocks, H-e-e-e-e-e-re’s Johnny!

I’m not one to embrace new technology too quickly. Although I play CDs, vinyl is still the heart of my record collection, and I’ve never streamed anything. I record my songs not with Pro Tools but a cassette player. One reason I’ve put off signing up for Cable TV is that I’ve gone for years […]

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Open Mic at Lydia’s on Ludlow

Good news from Lydia’s on Ludlow, aka Om Eco Café: two Thursdays a month the coffee house will host open mic nights, which means that anyone who wants to share their music, poetry, performance, fiction, or creative non-fiction is free to come up and perform. The readings will take place between 7pm and 9pm on the second and third […]

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Clifton Market Is A Go!

Perhaps you’ve heard the news, or perhaps you haven’t. Even if you have, it’s worth hearing again, and in fact you may want to say it aloud a few times just to let it sink in: Clifton is going to have a grocery store again. That splendid news spread like wildfire yesterday, after this email […]

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New Nelson Slater News

It’s been awhile since we caught up with Nelson Slater; in fact, if memory serves, our last blog entry dates back to the release of his Steam-Age Time-Giant album. Turns out Nelson has another LP in the works, this project involving extensive collaboration with Tom Derwent, who’s worked with Nelson for a long time now. […]

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David Bowie Tribute at Urban Artifact

Tonight (11/20/15) a tribute to the music of David Bowie will take at Urban Artifact in Northside, a new club that has quickly staked its claim as a venue where anything can happen, including one-time-ever projects like this one. The performance will take place from 8pm to 10pm, and it’s free. Where so many musicians […]

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Holidays on Ludlow This Friday

Holidays on Ludlow is back! It starts at 6pm this Friday, Dec. 11, and there’s free parking after 5 in the Merchant Lot on Howell Ave. There are all kinds of fun free activities to choose from that evening, including: Horse Carriage Rides Strolling carolers: Transitions Barbershop Quartet & United Methodist Vocal Choir  Kids Art Activities at […]

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Jim Lauderdale Coming To Live at the Ludlow Garage

Live and Ludlow Garage is now up and running, with several concerts under its belt and many more scheduled; check the calendar for more info. Also, the Garage serves food and alcohol every night, regardless of whether music is playing. I wanted to highlight just one of the shows on tap, this one featuring veteran roots […]

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Ace Hardware Is Now a UPS Access Point (Plus They Now Offer Free Off-Street Parking)

When Ace Hardware opened at 344 Ludlow Avenue over six years ago the whole neighborhood breathed a sigh of relief, as life suddenly became a lot more convenient. And things just got more convenient when Ace Hardware announced recently that they are now a UPS Access Point for easy parcel drop-off or collection. If you want […]

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Steven Paul Lansky Reading & Performance at Clifton Cultural Arts Center Nov. 14

On Saturday, November 14 at 5:30 pm Steven Paul Lansky will host an event at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (CCAC). Steve is a fiction writer, poet, musician, artist, and animated videographer who lives in Clifton. This free event might be seen as an overview of at least a small portion of Steve’s career, with […]

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What Store is Going in There?

  There’s been so much going in Clifton lately that we can’t keep up with everything. Just the other day when we were walking past the building at 272 Ludlow Avenue, between Subway and Jagdeep’s, we saw a storefront where it looked like a new business in the process of moving in and getting ready to open a […]

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Clifton Natural Foods Celebrates 30th Anniversary

This Saturday, November 7, Clifton Natural Foods is going to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Fortunately we’ll be able to celebrate the event at its new location, at 336 Ludlow Avenue in the heart of the Gaslight District. There will be lots of samples to try, plus discounts, gift basket raffles, and goodie bags. It’s been about […]

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Zappawen at Urban Artifact Saturday

This Saturday, October 31st, the first annual ZAPPAWEEN will take place at Urban Artifact! That means a superband with some of Cincinnati’s finest musicians will be performing a very special Frank Zappa album in its entirety on the most twisted night of the year. There’s no cover. The mystery album will be performed live in its […]

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Live at the Ludlow Garage: The Facts

  Everywhere I go people are talking about Live at the Ludlow Garage, the new performance venue that opens next week in the Gaslight District. Because I live in the neighborhood, people assume I know everything about it; no end of questions have come my way, and at first all I could say was, “I […]

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The Latest at Petey’s Pet Stop: Go Get Grover Groomed!

About two months have passed since Petey’s Pet Stop opened in Clifton’s Gaslight District. Petey’s was an instant hit in the neighborhood, and it’s nice to have such a fun new addition to the small businesses that make the Gaslight District a special to live. You can read about some of the services it offers in this […]

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Mondays on Clifton Plaza

  Mondays are becoming more active on Ludlow Avenue, and this Monday, September 28, should be the biggest yet. The Clifton Plaza “Flea for All” will have at least three vendors from 4pm until they decide to go home. One of them, Niemeyer Farm, has been setting up for the last few weeks, and it […]

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Come to the CliftonFest Kickoff Party on Friday!

CliftonFest on Ludlow is back this weekend, Sept. 25-27, with live music, food, arts, retail booths, beer, wine, “the Clifton Chase,” a 5K Race, and some good old-fashioned camaraderie. Gaslight Property is again a proud sponsor of this annual event. Things will kick off Friday night with the Wine & Jazz party at Clifton Plaza. From 6pm to […]

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OTR Record Fair This Saturday

A first-ever record fair will take place this Saturday, September 26, from 12pm to 6pm at Rhinegeist Brewery, located at 1910 Elm Street in Over the Rhine. The event, which is free, promises “Vinyl, Beer, and great door prizes from Crosley Radio, Ubahn, Plaid Room Records, and more.” Agar, Rhinegeist, Northside Record Fair, Savantry and Ubahn […]

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Sao Paulo Underground Plays the Loft Society This Saturday

With two musicians from Brazil and one from Chicago, Sao Paulo Underground is a one-of-a-kind band whose music is a heady mix of Brazilian melodies, electronica, jazz, and funky beats. Their music is dense, detailed, ambient, and groove-oriented, with so many layers it’s hard to believe only three musicians can make such a thick wall […]

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Sundry and Vice

I would like to tell you that my visits to local cocktail joints around Cincinnati are all based on hours of in-depth research prior to walking in the door, but the truth is, this is the second time in a row that my cocktail blog entry occurred because…well, I accidentally ran into the place. This tale […]

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Big Lazy To Play MOTR Pub

On September 10 MOTR Pub will host a very special (and free) concert by a NYC-based band that uses three instruments—guitar, upright bass, and drums—to create a rich and colorful soundscape. Big Lazy doesn’t play a lot of notes, yet their music spreads out like a wide-screen Technicolor movie that opens with a shot of […]

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The Visually Splendiferous and Architecturally Wondrous UC

Classes began this week at the University of Cincinnati, and if you live in Clifton you can already tell the difference. Apparently the college is more popular than ever, with UC projected to have record enrollment this year. One reason we go to college is to be stimulated, and at UC that begins with the […]

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Petey’s Pet Stop Opens in Clifton

A store devoted to pets just opened in the Gaslight District. Petey’s Pet Stop is located in the same building as the office for Gaslight Property, which puts it at 311 Howell Ave. (It’s also, appropriately enough, right next door to the Howell Avenue Pet Hospital.) The phone number for the store is 513.221.PETS (7387). […]

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Attention UC! Making Heads Turn Salon Is Right Down the Street

Were you aware that there’s a hair salon right across the street from Bruegger’s Bagels? Making Heads Turn Salon (their number is 513.407.3911) is kind of tucked away, and while its address is 3307 Clifton Avenue, you actually enter the business through Terrace Avenue, behind University Nails on Clifton. The salon is run by Saira […]

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A New Bar Opens in Northside

  Tillie’s Lounge is a new bar located at 4042 Hamilton Avenue in Northside. About four weeks ago it opened in a building that dates back to 1881. In other words, it has some history, and its name reflects that: Tillie’s is named after a circus elephant who paraded down the streets of Northside in the late […]

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Watch the All-Star Game on Clifton Plaza!

On Tuesday an All-Star Celebration will be taking place at Clifton’s favorite gathering place, the Clifton Plaza. Starting at 5pm, folks will gather at Clifton Plaza to watch the All-Star Game taking place downtown and to celebrate the history of both baseball and the Cincinnati Reds. Wear red and bring a chair as we celebrate being […]

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Live Salsa Music at CCAC This Wednesday

Musically it’s been a lively summer for the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, with good-sized crowds showing up consistently for the free Wednesdays on the Green concert series.  The concerts are a good excuse for getting out of the house, mingling, and enjoying the nice weather; many people walk to the show from where they live. […]

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Don’t Forget The Dead Tonight

I was not among the lucky ones who got tickets for The Dead in Chicago tonight, and if you’re reading this, you probably didn’t either. But second-best ain’t bad: you can head down to Washington Park, check out some jam-oriented bands, and then, at 8pm, watch The Dead simulcast  on the big screen, with fireworks […]

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Audio Swap Meet on July 11

  There’s been a resurgence of interest in stereo equipment in the last few years,with much attention on vintage equipment that, even though it’s decades old, still sounds good – and looks good too! Where do you find such equipment, though? Often record stores have a few components around, but there isn’t much to choose from, […]

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Northside Rock and Roll Carnival Returns

Gaslight Property is a proud sponsor of the 2015 Northside Rock and Roll Carnival. This all-ages free event will take place from Thursday through Saturday, July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. The music takes place at Hoffner Park, where the pavilion will be a Beer Garden. Along with music, carnival-goers will be treated to fire breathers and […]

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Have A Look at The New Clifton Branch Library

Last week I paid my first visit to the Clifton Branch Library, and I couldn’t have timed it better. This was during what will forever be remembered as The Great Blackout of 2015 – the power was off all over Clifton, and it lasted for a couple hours. I live a few blocks away from the […]

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Prime Numbers, The Debut Album by Jazz Guitarist Brad Myers

Prime Numbers is the debut album of Brad Myers, a guitarist who’s among the busiest and most high-profile jazz musicians in Cincinnati. The album, which comes out today, has something in common with midcentury modern furniture—sleek, with clean lines, it’s marked by clarity and focus, with an understated postbop coolness. It makes sense that, on […]

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Come to Global Water Dance on June 20 (It’s Free!)

THIS EVENT WAS POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS – NOW WORD YET ON THE NEW DATE On June 20, 2015 at 11am a free performance that features live music and dance while celebrating and raising consciousness about water will take place at Serpentine Wall at the Ohio River. The event, Global Water Dance, is one of 70 such […]

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Plaid Room Records is an A+ Record Store

Plaid Room Records is a record store that opened a few months ago in Loveland. Right out of the gates there’s something really unique about the shop: its location (120 Karl Brown Way in Loveland). There’s no shortage of record stores in the city of Cincinnati, but if you’re hunting for vinyl in the burbs, […]

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Free Big Night Clifton Concert at Clifton Plaza This Friday

This Friday, May 22, from 7pm to 10pm the first in a series of free Big Night Clifton events will take place, with the Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra performing a swinging set of jazz at Clifton Plaza. Also on tap: craft beers brewed by our friends at the newly launched Urban Artifact, who I wrote about […]

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Say Goodbye To The Old Library…

In some respects it looked like just another day at the Clifton branch of the library when I dropped by there near the end of the day today, with people pecking away at computers and reading magazines and one guy returning a pile of children’t books stacked up to his chin. But some of the shelves were […]

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Blue Wisp Big Band Finds A New Home

After the Blue Wisp closed last year, things looked bad for the Blue Wisp Big Band and Cincinnati jazz in general. With the recent opening of Urban Artifact in Northside (the address is 1662 Blue Rock), however, things suddenly seem much rosier for the big band and Cincinnati’s jazz scene overall. Here’s some of the good […]

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Free Yoga in Burnet Woods Every Saturday

Every Saturday from May 9 (this week!) through September 19 free yoga classes will be taking place in Burnet Woods. Each session runs from 11am to noon. Bring a mat or towel, water and sunglasses to the Burnet Woods bandstand and experience nature and get a great workout! Note that the classes will take place even […]

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Incline Ridge Apartments Are Ready To Rent!

Gaslight Property is excited about the Incline Ridge Apartments now available for rent. These two-bedroom apartments are located at 2361 – 2377 Maryland Avenue in the historic Incline District in East Price Hill. The location is fabulous – a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown – and it just got better. Recently construction wrapped up on Route 50, […]

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Sorry, Charlie

After putting if off forever, the other day I finally starting counting up my coins and slipping them into the paper coin wrappers I grabbed at my friendly neighborhood bank. Counting the coins took some time, but no problem: in my mind it was like free money. When I arrived at the friendly neighborhood bank […]

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Where to Be on April 28: The 5th Annual Annunciation Gaslight Gala

Rarely in this blog do we announce events more than a month in advance, but there’s one event that readers need to mark on their calendars now. Located in the heart of the Gaslight District, Annunciation Church has been a centerpiece in Clifton since it was built in 1910. Right next to the church, at […]

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An Art Show in Clifton

Even if you’ve seen the signs out front, you may wonder what goes on at the downstairs space behind the canopy at Tudor Court Apartments near the corner of Ludlow and Middleton. When I lived in the Tudor Court the basement dwelling was a bar where grumpy old men complained about life and drank, not […]

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