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Cleanup Corryville Saturday Morning

I had a great walk today. The weather was beautiful (sunny, blue, warm), and when I walked through Burnet Woods folks were out fishing in force. Passing a young black man, I decided to make it clear just how unimpressed I was with his production thus far.

“I don’t see many fish,” I said.

“That’s because I ain’t caught any,” he replied. “But they’re in there somewhere. I’m about to dive in after ’em.”

For weeks I’ve been planning to contact the new manager of Bogart’s, who in an interview made it clear that she had every intention of rescuing it from the dead. For some reason for some time there’s been disconnect between Bogart’ s  and the community that’s had nothing to do with the community, and I was eager to talk to the person heading up the efforts to change that. And when I was walking down Vine Street something told me that, even though I’d never seen a picture of her, the woman standing in front of Bogart’s and talking on a cell phone just might be the manager. After she got off the phone I asked if I could interview her sometime, and she (Karen Foley) said absolutely – and when I asked for a card, we went inside to get it. Once we were inside she gushed about all the changes taking place there (I’m saving that for another blog) while I snapped photos (those will be in the other blog as well). We must have spent twenty minutes wandering around while Karen described all the improvements. She was so enthused about Bogart’s (me too) that when we got outside we realized that she had forgotten to give me her card.

But she went back in to get it, and more (much more) on that later. When she came back outside and I was still in snap-photo mode, Karen urged me to take a picture of the flowers that had been planted, I asked her if she would pose with the flowers, and ta-da:

I’ll be writing a lot more about Bogart’s, but right here right now we have a more immediate concern that Karen mentioned several times during our conversation. This Saturday morning (April 21) Cleanup Corryville will be taking place.  I’ll let this link fill in the details:

After Karen went back inside I stood in front of Bogart’s and looked around. I saw one side mostly vacated and one side filled with businesses that have mostly been around for a long time, and I thought hey, ya gotta start somewhere – and the cleanup is a step in the right direction. (The flowers, too.)