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Guitarist Peter Banks Passes Away

Today I learned that Peter Banks, the original guitarist for Yes, passed away a few days ago. Because Banks belonged to Yes before The Yes Album, their first big-seller, he’s not nearly as well-known as his successor, Steve Howe. A musical footnote he is not, however, as I learned when, ages ago, I purchased a copy of his first solo album, Two Sides of Peter Banks. The two things you would fear from guitarists—their own bad vocals plus a never-ending display of virtuosity—are absent. The record is entirely instrumental, and it’s also quite tasteful, with some sweet acoustic work as well as some colorful electric guitar. Vinyl enthusiasts who enjoy this track from Two Sides should be aware that the record isn’t expensive or particularly rare, which underscores my belief that, while records that are worth a lot acquire a certain mystique, there are all kinds of mind-blowing albums out there that you can snag for a few bucks. And while Peter Banks made other good records (the first Flash album also sticks out), Two Sides of Peter Banks is a good place to start. Here’s “The White House Vale” from that album:

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