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Highlights of the Northside Parade

There is an art to trying to photograph the July 4 Northside Parade every year. The first thing you need to do is secure some shade – and then what you have to do is dart out of the shade and into the sun in time to take a good picture.  I did not always succeed – and in some ways I haven’t completely figured out what some of the sights and sounds I witnessed were supposed to represent, which makes going back and looking at the pictures all the more fun.

That said, I know a marching band when I see one; I seen this one early on, and they had a kicking rhythm section.

And I know a cookie store masquerading as an ice cream truck. (FYI, the real live Queen City Cookies is located at 4354 Hamilton Avenue, and their phone number is 513.591.0022.)

What you’re about to see threw me for a loop. Cincinnati Malt Infusers was established in 1994 – in other words, in the previous millennium – and nobody told me about it, including them. I’ve got a brother down in Texas who’ll be as disappointed to hear about this disturbing news as I am, especially because both of us are this close to running out of beer.

Next up is Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune. Rumor has it that Mike Brown was going to march along side him except that at the last minute one of his accountants called him with a fresh new opportunity to tax the citizens of Hamilton County even though he’s making a bazillion dollars a day.

Although I seldom received compliments for my photography, I think I did a pretty good job with this pig (and now I’m thinking, maybe Mike Brown did make an appearance after all):

I’m not sure what this was about, but I liked the rock star:

The winner of this year’s Parade Participant of the Year Award is none other than Kerry Bogner, the red-haired lady in the next two photos. She wins because of the simple fact that she’s a friend of mine. Some readers may call me corrupt for judging so impartially, but I don’t care; I’m in charge of this blog and I can run it however I want. Kerry and her friend marched in support of Ohio Alley Cat Resource & Spay/Neuter Clinic. When I took the first picture I was so concerned with getting the composition absolutely perfect that I overlooked the message, and now that I’m taking it all in I’m thinking that Kerry and her friend should also win the award for the best signs:

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