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Job Fair on June 7 in Woodlawn

A job fair will be held June 7 (this Friday) from 9am to 3pm at the Woodlawn  Ohio National Guard Training and Recreation Center in Woodlawn, OH; the address is 10050 Woodlawn Boulevard, Woodlawn OH 45215. This job fair is an annual job initiative of State Representative Alicia Reese. The event is being co-hosted by Woodlawn Mayor, Susan Farley, and coordinated by Angelita Moreno-Jones, President of Eastern Personnel.

Later this week I’ll have more information on the details of this event, but count on it being significant: last year the job fair hosted 28 employers for over  100 job openings.

I assume some readers will be interested in attending this event, and if you know anyone else looking for work, pass this link along. Call Alicia Reese’s office (614) 466-1308 if you have questions. When the job fair was held last year, Reese said, “The economists are saying the economy is recovering, I thought it was time for citizens to feel that recovery at their dinner tables by connecting them to real job opportunities.” Those words areas are as relevant now as they were then.