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Kicking Off A Weekend in Clifton

There will be two stages for music during the Weekend in Clifton taking place Friday, September 28 to Sunday, September 30 on Ludlow Avenue in Clifton. One of the stages will be located at Clifton Plaza next door to Aquarius Star, and the other stage will be at Middleton Avenue. In this blog I’ll be talking about some of the talent that will be appearing on those stages, and I’ll start with the first band to play on the first night.

From 7 pm to 9 pm Friday, September 28 a group that bills itself as “a bluegrass/folk/americana singin’ family” will be performing at Clifton Plaza next door to Aquarius Star and across the street from Graeter’s. Their name is A Side of Taylors, and basically mom, dad and the four kids all sing and play Americana songs with a purity and warmth that’s almost unheard of in mainstream music. Recently they were sent to America’s Got Talent because of the following video, and hopefully we’ll see them on national TV soon – but first catch them live and in person at A Weekend in Clifton: