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Laetitia Sadier at The Contemporary Arts Center This Thursday, Sept. 27

At 11 pm this Thursday, Sept. 27 Laeititia Sadier, the once lead vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist for Stereolab, will be performing at the Contemporary Arts Center. Stereolab had a distinct and seductive sound that combined a rhythmic groove with a loungy feel that was a throwback to the 1960s, when lush, colorful and dreamy sounds filled the air via soundtracks, bossa nova, and easy listening music . With a huge, airy soundscape, Stereolab was the ultimate headphone music. Laetitia’s new release, Silencio, finds her mining a similar sound. Having missed Stereolab’s performance at the Southgate House many moons ago, I’ll definitely come to this (please don’t sell out). Here’s a video of her single “Find Me The Pulse of The Universe”  from Silencio: