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Short Vine Springs Back to Life

On a sunny day last week I strolled over to Vine Street in Corryville and snapped some photos and talked to some business owners, all of whom were happy to see construction wrapping up, revealing an attractive streetscape and a neighborhood that has a nice mix of spiffy new storefronts and long-established businesses. Finally you […]

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Zappa Plays Zappa Comes to Bogart’s Saturday

Dweezil Zappa, son of Frank Zappa, is bringing his tribute band Zappa Plays Zappa to Bogart’s this Saturday, July 12. It should be wild and crazy, just like his father’s concerts were back when he was playing the Fillmore and Winterland and the Beacon Theatre and a thousand other venues around the world. So what […]

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Ten Favorite Bogart’s Concerts: The Honorable Mentions

A month ago (or was it longer?) I promised a list of my ten favorite Bogart’s shows. A long processions of phone calls from people who wanted me to help promote upcoming events—which I’m always happy to do—delayed the process, but now I’m finally ready to share my top ten. Or almost, anyway. Before I […]

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My Favorite Bogart’s Concerts

How do you know you’re a music nerd? One hint is that you have a vast collection of memorabilia devoted to concerts you attended over the years. That could include posters, handbills, ads and reviews from the paper, tickets…I’ve got all those things and more. Today I scanned all the Bogart’s tickets that I’ve kept […]

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Check Out the Bogart’s Memories Facebook Group

Bogart’s Memories (Cincinnati, OH) is a Facebook page where hundreds of people write and read about concerts they attended at the iconic music venue since it opened in 1975. There’s lots of memorabilia—ticket stubs, posters, fliers, pictures, videos, etc.—and people discussing memorable shows in every conceivable genre. Everyone who lives in Cincinnati has been to […]

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Bogart’s September Ticket Discount Ends Wednesday

The Bogart’s “welcome-back” discount, timed for returning students but available to anyone, continues until Wednesday of this week. With this discount, any tickets for September shows with a value over twenty dollars are now available for twenty, no matter how much they originally cost. Here’s  the lineup for the month of September (if you click, […]

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Bogart’s Welcomes Back Students with Ticket Discount

Bogart’s is welcoming back students with a discount for concerts taking place in September. Every ticket that originally cost over twenty dollars is now having its price dropped to twenty. Please note, however, that this special is only available from today, August 28, through September 4, so buy your tickets now! Technically the deal is […]

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Bogart’s, Daniels Pub, Nelson Slater, Short Vine, Wish You Were Here, & Gaslight Night at Clifton Performance Theatre

The theme of this particular blog entry is goings on around Short Vine, and I encourage any readers brave enough to follow what might like seem a circuitous verbal trail to remember that. My adventures began the night I handed out umpteen beer cozies at a table for Gaslight Property at Bogart’s while Wish You […]

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Wish You Were Here Update: Interview with Band Member Eric Sosinski

Today I spoke on the phone with Eric Sosinski,the bassist, co-lead vocalist, music director and manager of Wish You Were Here, the Pink Floyd tribute band that will be performing at Bogart’s this Saturday, April 6. Eric lives in Cleveland, but during our conversation I learned that one of the other members of Wish You […]

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Free Tickets to Wish You Were Here at Bogart’s

Gaslight Property is happy to announce that we have 200 free tickets to give away for the Pink Floyd tribute band Wish You Were Here on Saturday, April 6 at Bogart’s. To get a free ticket, all you have to do is:

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What’s In Store for Bogart’s

In a recent blog entry the general manager of Bogart’s, Karen Foley, told me some of the changes she made shortly after taking that role, and later in that same interview I asked her what she had in store in the future. It turns out a lot is changing soon. “In the next couple weeks […]

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The Afghan Whigs Coming to Bogart’s

Just as I was finally getting ready to return to the interview I conducted with the general manage of Bogart’s, Karen Foley, news comes to me that pre-sale tickets are on sale starting at noon today for the Afghan Whigs, who haven’t played a concert anywhere in over ten years, and are returning to Bogart’s, […]

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Favorite Concert Ever, Part 2

I have lots more to say about new things going on at Bogart’s and on Short Vine in general, and I’ll get to that this week – but today I wanted to wrap up (maybe) the theme of favorite concert ever. Guitarist extraordinaire and music teacher extraordinaire Jeff King had this to say about a […]

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Seeing Santigold Live at Bogart’s

Last night was very nostalgic for me and my friends. Several of us had arranged to meet at Bogart’s for the Santigold concert, but no one had nailed what time they planned to arrive, so when I showed up a few minutes before Santigold was supposed to take the stage (I had missed the opening […]

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Favorite Concert Ever, Part 1

The response to the contest where people were supposed to write about their best concert ever was so overwhelming that I’ll have to break it down into separate blog entries. The first two top-prize winning entries happen to have been written by women, which leads to me to wonder if men don’t trail behind the […]

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What’s New at Bogart’s

  Sometimes it takes a person who lives thousands of miles away to make it clear how special something is that’s right in your hometown—and that’s true even if it some of the luster was temporarily lost. When I talked tonight to Karen Foley, the new general manager of Bogart’s (she assumed the position in […]

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Cleanup Corryville Saturday Morning

I had a great walk today. The weather was beautiful (sunny, blue, warm), and when I walked through Burnet Woods folks were out fishing in force. Passing a young black man, I decided to make it clear just how unimpressed I was with his production thus far.

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