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Guess Who Makes Great Pizza?

Since the beginning, one of the consistent themes of this blog has been this: The Gaslight District is a great place to live because there’s lots to do AND it’s super convenient. Well, it just got a little more convenient. Clifton Market continues to add more and more new features, and now the deli makes […]

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Clifton Market

Seven Things To Know About Clifton Market: The opening of Clifton Market was highly anticipated, and it has turned out to be better than we imagined. There’s much that’s unique about the store, and after I started this blog entry I started remembering other things (Clifton Market can now accept EBT and SNAP benefits, the […]

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This Is What A Neighborhood Feels Like

First, the facts: Clifton Market is open now seven days a week, from 7am to midnight. It’s a coop, which means you can buy a share,  an option that still remains now the store is up and running. That said, anyone can shop there. As I walked around, I saw a store where most of the shelves were […]

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Clifton Market Is A Go!

Perhaps you’ve heard the news, or perhaps you haven’t. Even if you have, it’s worth hearing again, and in fact you may want to say it aloud a few times just to let it sink in: Clifton is going to have a grocery store again. That splendid news spread like wildfire yesterday, after this email […]

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