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Come Meet The National at The Esquire Theatre!

In the next few days the Esquire Theatre will be hosting two special events in connection with the premier of Mistaken for Strangers, the new rockumentary about Cincinnati’s own The National. Subtitled “A year on tour with my brother’s band,” the movie had been referred to as a comedic documentary for reasons that – judging by the trailer […]

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The Grand Budapest Hotel is at the Esquire

The new Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is now showing at the Esquire Theatre. This highly anticipated film was packed on its first weekend, and it was clear from Friday night’s show that this new work by a unique director lived up to its expectations. There was plenty of laughter as well as […]

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Great Beauty at The Esquire

Playing now at the Esquire Theatre, The Great Beauty (La Grande Belleza) features 2 hours and 17 minutes of beautiful camera work and quite often stunning scenery. Appropriately enough it focuses on “the beautiful people” in the social and artistic circles in contemporary Rome. The camera work, symbolism, decadence, grotesques, bold juxtapositions between the ancient […]

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A Hilarious New Movie Comes to The Esquire

There was good-sized crowd at The Esquire Theatre Saturday for the 10pm showing of Edgar Wright’s new film The World’s End, and people laughed out loud from the beginning to end. The premise is simple enough: five guys who failed to finish a pub crawl twenty years earlier give it another try. This time, however, […]

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New Movies at The Esquire Theatre

When the Esquire Theatre reopened a couple decades ago, many of us hoped it would show a healthy percentage of experimental or “art” movies from around the world, and fortunately it has. Because of the historic Clifton theatre, we have a place to see movies by directors like Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, whose Women on […]

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At the Esquire, Care Package Collection for Our Troops This Sunday

  This Sunday promises to be a big day at the Esquire Theatre. As part of Cincinnati’s newest holiday tradition, the Second Annual Interactive White Christmas event will be taking place. Both screenings of the classic movie White Christmas starring Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney have already sold out, but you can still celebrate the spirit […]

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Five Reasons to See Redlegs at the Esquire Theatre This Weekend

This weekend the Esquire Theatre will host  the Cincinnati premier of Redlegs, a locally-shot film by a Cincinnati native, Brandon Harris. Showtimes are 1:15, 3:00, 5:00, 7:10, 9:10, and tickets can be purchased either online or at the door. It’s running for at least a week,  but here are 5 reasons to see it this […]

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Art House Jamboree: A Perfect Evening

The Art House Jamboree celebrating the 101st anniversary of The Esquire Theatre was a perfect evening. Although the underlying focus was serious–the role community plays in people’s lives– people laughed through the whole event.

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Esquire Theatre’s Art House Jamboree: A Chance to Show Some Love

  What were you doing in 1911? Not much, you say? Yeah, me too. But I know something about what other people were doing, and that happened to be the year the Esquire Theatre on Ludlow Avenue in Clifton opened its doors. To celebrate the fact that The Esquire not only survived 101 years but […]

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Vertigo on the Big Screen This Friday, October 19

It has reached the point where we can see almost any movie we want in the comfort of our own home. At the same time, because we have the history of cinema at our fingertips opportunities to watch classic films on the big screen are increasingly rare—and you’d be hard-pressed to find a film more […]

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‘Newport: Gangsters, Gambling, Girls’ at the Esquire Theatre

  It’s turning out to be a highly competitive week for this year’s Cincinnati Film Festival when it comes to bragging rights for neighboring cities. Sure, Cincinnati can boast about its beer history in The Cincinnati Beer Story, which played at the Emery Thursday night, but the folks living right across the river in Newport, […]

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A Fine Way to Kick off the Cincinnati Film Festival

Along with reminding people that the Cincinnati Film Festival begins this Thursday, I wanted to point out that the lead-off movie will kick things off in style. The Cincinnati Beer Story focuses on the history of beer-making (and, come to think of it, beer drinking) in Cincinnati. With micro-breweries popping up everywhere and Moerlein Lager […]

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The Cincinnati Film Festival Returns September 6 – 14

The Cincinnati Film Festival is returning to Cincinnati on September 6-14. Today I had a chance to talk to Executive Director of the festival, Katharine Steele, about the event. For this, the third year, the primary (but not the sole) location will be the Esquire Theatre in Clifton, and as I talked to Katharine it became clear that along […]

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Rastaman Vibrations at the Esquire

I had a chance to see the Bob Marley documentary at the Esquire Theatre last night, and I’m glad I did. Strangely, I may have enjoyed the early part of the movie the most. The first 45 minutes or an hour focused on Bob Marley before he broke (Catch a Fire in 1973 was the […]

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Bob Marley Comes to the Esquire Theatre

Although this happened back in college, I can still remember a friend from Cleveland coming back after a break and speaking with a gleam in his eyes as he described a Bob Marley concert in Cleveland. My friend made it clear that from the time Marley took the stage to the last encore there was […]

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Utopia & Alcohol

  I’m sure that most people reading this blog feel as if they’re living in a utopia, but something happened recently that will make our world even better. For what seems like years (maybe it was just the anticipation) rumors have been circulating about a change at The Esquire Theatre on Ludlow Avenue that will […]

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