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The Art Cars Are Coming

A Warhol-Inspired Art Car From the 2011Cliftonfest

During Weekend in Clifton taking place September 28 to 30 local artists will be painting cars the way they should be painted: as works of art. The artists doing the work are all connected with ArtWorks, whose murals you’ve seen around town; in all, ArtWorks has created more than 300 public works of art in Greater Cincinnati. ArtWorks has long been part of at Weekend in Clifton; they started with painting the streets and four years ago added art cars to the mix.

The art-car painting will take in the parking lot behind IGA from 10 to 6 on Saturday and Sunday. In all, five cars will be transformed. Three of the cars belong to residents of Clifton; two are mini-vans and three are mid-sized. We know, already, four of the artists to be emulated, and as you gaze upon the works by these Twentieth Century icons, try imagining how paintings like these might look on a car:

Rene Magritte


Georgia O’Keefe

Walter Kandinsky

I’m especially curious what the Kandinsky will end up looking like after it’s finished – and after that I’d love to see the look on the eyes of early morning drivers who, still half-awake, see a two-ton form of abstract-expressionism coming their way.