Frank Ramaley

While I have some reservations about the way rental companies in general eat up property, Gaslight has been very solid for me and they have lots of options and price ranges. After a falling out with a roommate, Katie Courtney helped me out a lot to get in a new place on my own and even after move in, she has been very helpful and responsive. I had several problems with the appliances and hardware of the apartment right after move in, but maintenance were very quick and helpful to get out and repair the problems. Mark took care of several problems day of or next day, including after hours stuff, and the supervisor Malik also came out and spoke with me and fixed a persistent problem for me. The quick response and good work kept it all from becoming more than an annoyance and I appreciate it.


“I have been a tenant with Gaslight property for three years now. I can’t say enough about how excellent my time has been here. I have worked with the other staff from maintenance to viewing other properties to rent. Everyone has been tentative and helpful. I mostly reach out to Kristina, the property manager for everything. She has been amazing! I can call her about anything and it is done within a day. She is always friendly and professional to me even when I’m all upset about and issue. Another thing that is very important is that my apartment be pest and bug free….they are on top of these issues. I do not have any bugs or pests in my apartment at all. With all that being said, I highly recommend renting from Gaslight Properties. They are so lucky to have a wonderful staff who actually care about the place they work, the tenants, and the community.”

Pearly Baker

We’re in the process of renting an apartment and met with Tyler B today to take a tour. He was relatable, kind, answered all our questions and made my daughter and I feel comfortable and welcome. The building was SO pretty with a lot of historic character and unique features. it felt very solidly constructed and taken care of. It was nicer than I expected and that relieved a lot of anxiety about my baby moving out.

Amber Webster

I have been living at the Gaslight “The Overlook” for two years. I can’t say anything bad about the workers here all of them but I worked and talked closely with Kristina, Hannah; and Jacob Ilg. They are very understanding and always will try to work and help you out with anything if you just communicate with them. Maintenance has been outstanding as well! Anthony has always come at a reasonable time and didn’t take long fixing things he is the main one who helps my unit out but I also have the pleasure and having Nate helping me the last time and he amazing as well! I am glad that I am a resident of Gaslight Property.

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